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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Of destruction

Does POPS sell Sasperilla drink?


Are they still doing curbside pickup/delivery only or are they open for dine-in again?

When I was in last week there were people eating and lots of shoppers.

I know you have a lot of soda, but do you have any of the perk colas from call of duty black ops? Juggernog in specific?

Sadly not before round 5 but you can pickup quick revive round 1

Is this place still open?

This place is still open for business was just there not too long ago highly recommended

Is there room for a tractor to park without the trailer attached? Or off street parking for a tractor trailer?

In my experience, tractor trailers generally park along the north side of the highway across from the store.

How young can you be to work there?

16 to 18

Are all the burgers served only on potato buns? Or are there different options?

Different options

My dear it's a spread, and has fat in it


are dogs allowed on premises

Outside yes. Inside I believe has to be a service dog

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